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A guide to Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne is Australia’s bar capital and hub of live music. The city has a European feel to it and is popular with backpackers and young travelers looking to enjoy its laid-back vibes.

While Sydney may have the more popular tourist attractions, Melbourne is the backpacker capital of the country and known for having a better nightlife. Not surprisingly, it’s my favorite city in Australia!

If city life, beaches, botanical gardens, art lanes, healthy eateries and having the great ocean road on your doorstep isn’t enough, add the short plane rides to Tasmania, Bali, Sydney and Australia into the mix.

In Melbourne you can indulge in the ever addictive laid back lifestyle that Australia has to offer, but alsotake advantage of the opportunities and jobs that this creative hub has to offer.

Melbourne is becoming an increasingly popular designation for those seeking work abroad, for backpackers and for straight up adventurers.

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